This short clip explains how you can lease a video listing which is currently appearing on the very first page of Google for your specific type of business. Your name, contact phone number, and website, will be entered in the description line. Your company will start to receive calls, website visits, and increase activity, as a direct result of this Google Video Listing.

There are No Contracts and No Commitment periods. You simply lease the spot for a 30 day period. You are free to renew to hold the position as long as you choose. Or cancel, and stop leasing the video listing, at any time.

Everyone in business knows that the very first thing many people do when they are in need of a service is to perform a Google search on their computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

For Example it may be Bankruptcy Lawyer in Dallas Tx. If you are a Bankruptcy Attorney? And your law practice is in Dallas Texas? And your company appears in that Google query? Then there is a high probability that you will be contacted by the person who did this search. And a high probability it will result in a new client for your firm.

How Much Is A Potential New Customer Worth To Your Business?

But, the problem for many businesses is actually getting to appear on that first page when a Google search is made. For those who are fortunate enough to be listed on the first page it is a consistent source of reliable business from targeted customers.

Others may choose to use the Google Paid Advertising. Numerous studies have shown that it can be an alternative. However the amount of activity from it is a small fraction compared to the regular Google results.

The image below shows the ratio regular results get is 80% of the Google activity compared to just 20% for the paid options. There have been studies which show the disparity is even greater.

Plus with Google’s advertising rates, depending on the keywords, it can cost $2, $3, $4 for a single click. And even much more than that depending on the industry you are in.

So the key to getting more business, more customers, and more clients, which all can lead to more revenue, is to get listed in the blue section on the very first page of Google.

If you were specifically directed to this page it means there is a opportunity available for you to appear in this 80% section. And for significantly less than the cost of Google advertising.


In addition, we take it a step further by providing video listings. The results for the potential customer is a very eye catching thumbnail. People instinctively focus on it. No matter where it appears on the page!

Take a look at the images below. The first shows a video appearing at the top of the Google results page. The second shows a video appearing near the middle of the page. And the third image shows a video appearing at the very bottom of Google’s first page.

You can see that the video thumbnail clearly stands out. It draws people’s attention no matter where it is located on the page.

And immediately below the video thumbnail we will enter in your business name, phone number, and website if you have one. This means it is not even necessary for people to watch the video. They can just choose to immediately contact you.

However, many people prefer to view a short video as oppose to reading through text on a website. Which is another advantage the video listing will have over the other standard static results listings on the page.



 vide-middle  video-bottom

We are not affiliated with Google. We are not Videographers. And we do not claim to be SEO experts. We simply create short video clips. They are for a particular search term. For a particular service. In a specific city. We have learn how to rank them on the first page of Google.

If you have this type of business in that city, and you are not already on the first page of Google then this is a very valuable service to you!

We are very different from other companies who claim to be SEO Experts for your business. They typically will want you to sign a contract. Pay an initial upfront fee. And charge a recurring monthly fee for the contract period. Then they promise that they will get your website to page one of Google. But it can take a few weeks, a few months, or more, before you see any results.

You may have received an email, or responded to a Facebook ad, from us. You have been directed here because a listing for your type of business is already on the first page of Google!

Simply go to Google yourself and type in term exactly as in the email or ad. You will see the video appearing in the main results. It is there right now. It is available for you to lease that spot immediately!

We select terms that received no less than 300 searches per month. What if you were to start receiving a small percentage of that business? What if you only got one per month? How much is one customer worth to you? What if they become a repeat customer? What if they referred other business to you?

These Google First Page Videos Are Leased On A First Come Basis. They Are Priced At Only $495 Per Month. How Much Is Just One New Customer Per Month Worth? With No Less Than 300 Monthly Google Searches, It Can Potentially Be Much More.

No Contracts, No Commitment, No Risks. Just Lease On A Month By Month Basis. Keep It As Long As You Choose. Cancel Anytime You Choose. Complete The Contact Form Below To Get Started:

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